Root K1, K1 Max, and KE

This is a pre-rooted firmware for all the new Creality Klipper based machines (their operating system name "CrealityOS"). This firmware is mostly identical to Creality's with these differences:

  • It automagically resets the root password to "creality"
  • It installs nginx, moonraker, mainsail, fluidd, (if they're not already installed in /usr/data, if they're there it will use them)
  • It supports non-Creality webcams, includes the moonraker start script patch for >100MB uploads, and includes installer script in the root home directory, just to make life easier.
  • For Nebula pad based printers, it adds start and stop print macros similar to those we have on K1 and K1 max, not sure how they missed that detail

K1 / K1 Max Version:

Retail Nebula Pad Version:

Ender 3 V3 KE Version:

CR-10 SE Version:

Greetings all,

I have built a pre-rooted firmware for the CR-10 SE, version (the second to the latest official version for the CR-10 SE) *

WARNINGS: Use this completely at your own risk. There are no promises that it won't brick your printer.

The prerooted firmware will reset the root password to "creality" and will install moonraker, mainsail and fluidd. It also enables the use of a non-Creality webcam plugged into either of the USB ports (must be restarted to detect) and sets an appropriate default hostname in /etc/hostname. If you're familiar with rooting a creality K1, everything will feel very familiar.

*** ANOTHER WARNING: DO NOT change your root password after installing this. This causes a boot loop due to aggressive Creality software looking out for a change to the shadow file. This will be fixed in a future version, for now just leave the root password as "creality"

Check out 3DPrintSOS's video tutorial on it at

Installation instructions:

Copy the F003-destinal-cfw-0.2-ota_img_V5.1.0.21.img firmware image to your flash drive and insert it. (yes, the 5 is normal instead of a 1 at the beginning, it is to enable downgrading or reinstalling on top of the same version)

Click upgrade. If all works properly, it'll upgrade and then reboot. Remove the flash drive. Fluidd should start up automatically on port 4408, access it like: (replace with your printer's IP address). Mainsail will also be running on 4409. Also you should be able to ssh in with the new root password "creality" (no quotes)

Included in this firmware in root's home directory is Guilouz's excellent installation helper script intended for the Creality K1, (see here: useful for installing or uninstalling various software and customizations. You can execute it with ./ after ssh'ing in. Most of the options work, please let me know any that do not. The fault is mine, not Guilouz's, that I haven't gotten a chance to update the text to reference the CR-10 SE or Nebula Pad rather than K1, but trust me that they're nearly identical Linux systems and Klipper installations and nearly all the options should work. Please let me know any that do not.

* I don't have a pre-rooted version of yet, because I can't print on my CR-10 SE using even unmodified -- the bed meshes all come out wrong. I was forced to work with at least for now but I will be working on this.

Guilouz has changed how the scripts work.  The new scripts have not been included in the images yet.  Please follow below for new and updated images to get scripts working.

Found at:

Helper Script Installation

Helper Script allows to install latest official builds and many useful features.

It's completely automated, necessary changes are made automatically when installing a feature and restored after uninstallation.

When the script is updated, installed files are automatically updated as well.




Please restore firmware to factory settings before using script to avoid issue.
See: Reset Factory Settings section.


If you have already installed Moonraker, Fluidd or Mainsail provided by Creality, please uninstall them first using [Remove] Menu.

  • Connect to SSH (Guide is available here).

  • Enter the following command to install script in usr/data folder:

    SSH Command Prompt
  • git clone /usr/data/helper-script
  • And enter this command to run the script:

    SSH Command Prompt
  • sh /usr/data/helper-script/


  • If you encounter an issue to clone Helper Script repository, enter this command before cloning:

    SSH Command Prompt
  • git config --global http.sslVerify false
  • Also, make sure your system date and time are correct. You can check this with the command:

    SSH Command Prompt
  • date
  • To change the date and time use the following command in this format:

    SSH Command Prompt
  • date -s "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"


Some features are not available for KE Series.

This is the main menu:

Install Menu

This menu allows you to install various useful features:

Remove Menu

This menu allows you to remove installed features:

Customize Menu

This menu allows you to customize your printer:

Backup & Restore Menu

This menu allows you to backup and restore your configuration files:

Tools Menu

This menu allows you to perform different actions:

Informations Menu

This menu allows you to know what is installed or not on the printer:

System Menu

This menu allows you to have different information about the printer:

Update Screen

This is the update screen:


If you like my work, don't hesitate to support me by paying me a 🍺 or a ☕. Thank you 🙂


After Creality Firmware upgrade:

To get install script back:


wget --no-check-certificate

chmod 755 ./ # to run it


Setup start scripts again.  if you skip this step, moonraker will not start.

d /etc/init.d
wget --no-check-certificate -O- | tar xvzf -
If you have the retail Creality Nebula Pad, you will lose root if you upgrade.  To regain root:
cd /etc/init.d
wget -O- | patch -p1
Then run the script install above.
Power off, wait 10 seconds, then power on again.
New root password with new firmware is now Creality2023